Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Hundreds & Nike Feb. 5th

Womens Dunk Low

Womens Air Stab


SEAGER17 said...

Whats the damn deal with NIKE making the most boring general release dunks? C'MON GUYS quit being lazy.

SEAGER17 said...

WHERE THE NIKE SB's AT?! GOOD LUCK on getting an account though since yall are trying to sell HYPE PRICED ass second hand SB's.

xSeager17x said...

I just wanted to apologize for the drunken, hating shit i spewed towards motives and complete clothing on their blogs. I am embarrased that i said the shit i did cause thats not my style. I was talkin shit and i had no right to and i just wanted to come correct. Im sorry for the comments made about the Nike SB's. I understand you guys are a boutique not a skate shop so i know its gotta be more difficult to get a SB account. and if you come across some hard to find NIKE SB collectors youre gonna charge more than the OG box price. I'd do the same shit if i was tryin to run a business. i was just being a bitter asshole because id like to see you guys with more SB's and i wasnt seeing it but you guys gotta go with what you can find. Once again sorry. You guys are just tryin to run a good business and Austin needs more sneaker and clothing boutiques and ya'll dont need some dude, like myself, spoutin off shit sayin these things i said throwing bullshit in the mix of it all. Much respect to the owner of Motives and Complete and the employees. Peace